Wool Products

Highfields Farm is home to our lovable Herdwick sheep. They are a beautiful hardy breed with wonderful thick fleeces, suited to our upland farm. The lambs are born black, & overtime through each shear their fleeces change colour and provide you with a wonderful array of dark to light grey wool.

In June we have the sheep sheared, if we have a warm late spring early summer the sheep are pleased to lose their woolly coats. We have shearers come to the farm that shear for us.  A wonderful skilled job, working steady and methodically.

Year upon year the price we get for our wool varies. The cost of shearing unfortunately outweighs the price we get for the fleeces, but it is essential for the well-being of the flock. Herdwick wool isn’t very valuable, being a coarse wool, it is used mainly to produce carpets, rugs and insulation. Some businesses are using it in the production of furniture, clothing and handbags.