Life at Highfields Farm


Handsome Droopsy

Throughout the year there are many different aspects to the farming calendar. Tupping, lambing, shearing, hay making & weaning. No matter how busy we are, we are always happy to answer any questions you may have or if you wish, show you around the farm and share with you the wonderful flowers & wildlife you may spot.

If you want to get involved you are more than welcome, or you can just watch and soak up farming life. Meet the lovable Herdwick sheep, and your chance to get close to one of our friendliest pet sheep ‘Droopsy’ he is very special and will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

One of the busiest times on the farm is lambing season which usually occurs from April–May. Lambs start to arrive around the Easter holidays and guests have the opportunity to get hands on with all aspects of lambing. From checking the flock, assisting with the birth if needed, feeding, mucking out or just enjoying the experience of being around new born lambs.

This is a very popular time with the holiday barns, so you need to book early. Also,a great opportunity for those thinking of perhaps keeping sheep and learning some of the basic skills & knowledge you will need to know. We’re still learning 10 years on, but there is a lovely farming & small holdings community out there willing to share their experiences and advise you in time of need.

Lambing time on the farm

In the Spring of 2024 we will be lambing a small group of our Herdwick flock. It is an exciting and wonderful time on the farm if you are lucky enough to experience it. We also have some very friendly Herdwick characters who love your company, and enjoy a good scratch.  Very popular with our guests.

An experience that will make you smile, take all your worries away, and an experience you’ll treasure for a long time.