Hogget Boxes


We have been breeding Herdwick sheep on our uplands farm in the Peak District for over 10 years. We chose to breed Herdwick sheep, not only as we admired them on our visits to the Lake District where they originate from, but also, for their hardiness and suitability to be able to graze a high, rough and sometimes harsh terrain. The name Herdwick can be traced back to the 12th century meaning  ‘the pasture where sheep are kept’. Our lambs are born between April & May and grazed on pastures rich in wildflowers. Matured slowly overtime to produce Herdwick Hogget.

All meat is boxed in a woolcool insulated packaging, which is recyclable or reusable. It is a natural product which is abundant, sustainable & has unique properties to regulate temperatures & provide protective packaging.  It all started in the early 2000’s in the Lake District where an alternative packaging solution was needed to courier Herdwick meat fresh from the farm to the customers. Nice to know that we are now carrying on the initial idea with our Herdwick stock here in the Peak District.